A Basic Guide to Shaving: Grooming Essentials Men Should Own

A Basic Guide to Shaving: Grooming Essentials Men Should Own

Ironically, some men are still naive when it comes to taking shaving off those precious beards.  If you want to look neat and dapper after shaving, there are items you have to own to achieve that. Shaving isn’t as simple as it may seem but shaving mistakes may lead to rough skin, or worse, pimples.



You might be thinking, "what’s the point of having a shaving brush?” We get it, you’re skeptical if you must invest in a shave brush or just let your fingers do the job. A good shave brush will prepare your skin before the shaving happens. Using one will improve the quality and result of every shave. You see, these shave creams and gels won't penetrate and soften your skin without enough stimulation which the shaving brush comes to the rescue. One thing’s for sure, you don’t want your razor to drag on to your skin which would then result in irritation. The shaving brush will lather will add extra moisture and helps thicken the foam. Lastly, a good shave brush will help you avoid zits aftershave. It helps exfoliate and scrubs dirt and dead skins.

We recommend:

MÜHLE Chrome-Plated Safety Razor Travel Shaving Set

Shaving Cream

Most of you might have been shaving with foam from normal bath soap. You might wanna rethink that now. Shaving creams are invented for a reason and that is for 4 beneficial purposes. Shaving cream keeps your beard strands hydrated making it easier to shave. It lubricates to ensure less friction as it generates a protective layer between the razor and the skin. This will reduce the risk of redness, irritations and razor burns. When you use shaving cream, it will leave your skin refreshed. And it will help you keep track of the parts where you have already shaved so you don’t have to run multiple times which may later cause irritations, and you will never miss a spot. Well, it doesn't really have to be a market since shaving companies have already innovated and made multiple options to choose from: You can either choose a cream, foam or gel, whichever suits you best.

We recommend:

Doers of London Shave Cream, 100ml
CLAUS PORTO Classic Scent Pre Shave Oil, 100ml
FREDERIC MALLE Vetiver Extraordinaire Shaving Cream, 100ml


We won't judge you when it comes to your choice of razor. Actually, some men may even be surprised that there are other options to choose from: Straight Razor, Electric shaver, Cartridge, Safety Razors and Disposable Razors. Many gents said they prefer the straight razor as it is the closest shave you can get. It is less maintenance so would really cost you much. But only choose the straight razor when you already know-how. It might be a little frightening to use at first but you’ll get the hang of it. Electric shavers are the most convenient of all. It’s a time saver and you can shave anytime and anywhere as long as its battery is up. There may be a bit of risk of irritation when you use an electric shaver though. Cartridge razor is the usual razors men use.It has a flexible head which makes it easier to shave through curves. The cartridge has 3 blades on it makes it more efficient as compared to a straight and safety razors. A Cartridge shaver costs more than the other razors and its price is constantly increasing. Unlike the Cartridge shaver, the Safety razor has only one blade that can be replaced whenever needed. A safety razor is a cost-effective one. It may be of the same price as the Cartridge, however, it will last way longer and it also gives you that closer shave. The disposable ones are the cheapest there is, I believe. This razor is mainly for one or two times usage. It comes handy especially for emergencies like you forgot your razor when travelling.  Whichever you find suitable for you, just make sure that it is always clean and sharp.

We recommend:

ANGLE BY MORRAMA Angle Aluminium And Brass Razor

BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA Five-Blade Cartridge Razor


After Shave

In the books, Aftershaves have already been part of the barber's shaving routine in 1770. It is invented to keep your skin moisturized and free from irritation. Aftershaves have anti-inflammatory which prevents irritation from occurring. It soothes your skin which hampers bleeding caused by shaving and helps with the healing of your skin. It is also hygienic to use aftershaves as it has components which keep pores clean and bacteria-free which prevents you from having acne.

We recommend:

 FLORIS LONDON No. 89 Aftershave, 100ml

C.O. BIGELOW Bay Rum Aftershave Balm, 100ml
AESOP Moroccan Neroli Post Shaving Lotion, 60ml