How and Where to apply perfume to make it last longer

How and Where to apply perfume to make it last longer

Clearly, perfumes aren’t as cheap as chips and so, we wanted to get what we paid for. Good thing there are tricks and tips in order for your perfume to last longer. Before we give you the do’s and don'ts, let us first identify the difference between fragrances to help you choose your next buy wisely.

Toilette (Eau de Toilette) - 5–15% perfume oil; usually lasts around three hours

Cologne (Eau de Cologne) - 2–4% perfume oil; usually lasts around two hours

Perfume(Eau de Parfum) - 15–20% perfume oil; usually lasts five to eight hours

Eau Fraiche - 1–3% perfume oil; usually lasts less than an hour

Pulse Points

Your pulse points are warm because the blood pump is near your skin’s surface. Since heat helps diffuse the fragrance and activates its full potential, these spots are the best areas to apply your scent. The pulse points are located where your heart pulse can be felt, on your wrist, inside your elbow, behind your knee, behind your ear and at the bottom of your throat. Notice common practice of people are misting the wrist, neck and behind the ears. However, be cautious, you don’t have to apply on all the aforementioned warm areas or you’ll end up overly scented. No one wants that.

Common Mistakes

Common practice people do which, unconsciously, are actually mistakes are rubbing of the wrist after spraying or spraying scent on clothes. When you rub your wrist after spraying the perfume, you are actually breaking down the molecules and destroying the scent. You will end up over-applying and reapplying. Same as rubbing your wrist, applying it directly on your clothes is one of the worst ways to wear your perfume. In short, you’re wasting your money’s worth. Instead, mist yourself right after you dry yourself after taking a bath. This time you have cleansed yourself with impurities and your pores are open. Also, some may leave a taint on your clothes which isn’t a great addition to your OOTD. Lastly, Spraying a mist of cloud. Don’t you think you look funny doing this? Have you wondered if this really does the job? Well, let me break it to you but you’re just wasting those spritz. It’s best to just apply it on the pulse points, this way you’re getting most worth possible. 

Mist The Hair

Applying scent on your hair is a great way to keep you scented throughout the day. Your scent will stay on your hair and will give out a soft and subtle fragrance which makes you smell fresh longer. Do this with freshly washed hair. You don’t want your fragrance to be mixed with the other oils and odors on your hair. It will affect the scent overall. 


This may be an uncommon knowledge, surprising quite possibly. But applying it on dry skin will make the scent fade faster. If you’re not the type who loves to apply lotion or moisturizers on, try putting an ample amount of petroleum jelly on the areas you want to spray your perfume on. It will help the scent to cling on much longer. 


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