Facial hairs mean differently in social status, religion, army. Your facial hair, aka beard, moustache, goatee, et al, plays a big part in your look. You can change your appearance just by growing or shaving those beards. However, just like your crowning glory, your beard will depend on what best suits your face shape. It is tricky but once you know your face then it’ll be easy to style, groom or shave your beard.


Oval face shape is the most ideal shape, especially that everything will look good with the Oval face shape. The Oval face is more of proportion. Your jaw, cheek, chin and forehead are proportionate to each other. Just like we’ve mentioned, anything will look good on you. Lucky you! But to make the most out of your features, go for clean and short beards.


Round face shape doesn’t really mean you’re fat. No! You just have wide cheekbones plus a wide jawline and a short chin.  For a round face, opt for a style which is more focused on your chin, Vandyke or a goatee. You can also have a shorter length on the jawline and longer length on the chin area. These styles will create an appearance of a longer or pronounced chin.


The triangular shape would mean you have a pointy chin, wide cheekbones and narrow jawlines. The idea of the style that suits a triangular shape is to divert the attention from a more prominent chin. So avoid having thick facial hairs on the cheek. Instead, grow your beard to fill in the portion under your chin to make it look rounder: Perma 5 o’clock shadow or a full beard would be a good look on you.



When you have a square face, you are stereotypically called “strong-jawed” like other manly Hollywood celebrities. Your jaw and cheekbones have equal measures. To complement your shape, the goal is to highlight rather than exaggerate your strong jaw. You will look good with a goatee that narrows down your mouth or best known as the circle beard. A circle beard helps soften your strong wide jaws and still give you that defined look.


The diamond face has the cheekbones as the widest while having a narrow forehead and your jawline are approximately symmetrical. Keep in mind to keep the hair on your chin to reduce the width of your cheekbones. The styles that best suit you are the full beard, Balbo or chin strap-moustache combo. The goal is to balance your jawline to your cheekbones.


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