Top 5 shoes every gentleman should own

Top 5 shoes every gentleman should own

There are a lot of kinds of shoes but it’d be unwise to buy every one of them, especially if you don’t necessarily need them. Owning a  couple or five pairs of shoes is enough, the key is versatility. The goal is to be able to match and use for multiple purposes and events.


Originally designed by Raymond Lewis Wildsmith of The Wildsmith Shoes to be used by King George VI as house shoes. Loafers are a type of slip-on shoes. Legend has it that the term is from  Loafer, a person who idles and does nothing, lazy for short and thus, the shoe is called loafers because it’s easy to wear and no effort needed. Loafers are best when you still want to look cool and chic yet casual. It can also be worn with shorts if you must.

We recommend:


KINGSMAN + George Cleverley Suede Penny Loafers

GUCCI Jordaan Horsebit Burnished-Leather Loafers



The distinguishing characteristic of an Oxford shoe is that it is a dress shoes which has a closed lacing system. The term was coined from the Oxford University where it became popular in 1800. Oxford is normally used on formal events as it is deemed to be a formal shoe. However, it comes with different variations,colors and texture which makes it be used on different occasions depending on the design.

We recommend:

 KINGSMAN + George Cleverley Whole-Cut Leather Oxford Shoes

KINGSMAN + George Cleverley Leather Oxford Shoes


Specifically designed for sports or other forms of physical activities. This type of shoes is now widely used as a fashion statement. The perks of it is that it is comfortable and the most versatile. In the modern-day, it can now be worn with suits. 

We recommend:
COMMON PROJECTS BBall Leather Sneakers
BALENCIAGA Speed Stretch-Knit Sneakers


From the Gaelic Brog, a low heeled shoe or boots that is characterized by the sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations. Actually, Brogues aren’t considered to be worn as formal wear before however it has been innovated with a variety of styles that have become accepted as formal. 

We recommend:
TRICKER'S Stow Full-Grain Leather Brogue Boots


This is a type of footwear that usually covers the foot and the ankle, and sometimes half of the calf. These are worn for their functionality, for additional ankle support or for fashion. Boots are normally worn with casual outfits but recent fashion trends make it acceptable to be worn with formal wear. Well, that still depends on the design of the boots you have. Opt for leather in neutral color boots.

We recommend:
OFFICINE CREATIVE Stanford Burnished-Suede Boots
OFFICINE CREATIVE Stanford Burnished-Leather Boots